Carrier Updates Related to COVID-19

Carriers are providing updates on how they are handling COVID-19 related regulations and coverage. Select your carrier from the drop down menu to display information. Please note that information is evolving quickly and we recommend that you contact us to ensure proper understanding and accuracy of the information. We are updating this section frequently, so please check back as needed. Contact us with questions. We are here to help.

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We have assembled a comprehensive list of FAQs separated into three areas: Group Health Plan Coverage Considerations, FFCRA Leave Provision Considerations and FFCRA Payroll Tax Credit Considerations. Select an area and question for the answer.

Disclaimer: This information is up to date as of April 20, 2020. Due to the rapidly changing nature of this material, there may be new or updated information that is not included here. The DOL and IRS regularly update their websites with FAQs related to these topics. For more information, visit: IRS FAQs | DOL FFCRA | DOL EBSA


Providing helpful guidance on COVID-19

Our COVID-19 related compliance bulletins are listed below. Click on the full text link for details. Above you can click on our compliance tab for complete access to our compliance education center.

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